Project Portfolio

At Wright Angle Media, our mission is to craft websites and user experiences that are tailored to meet the distinct desires and requirements of each customer. Discover our portfolio and how we have transformed the visions of our clients into standout online presences.

Main Goals: Enhance customer trust, build a mailing list, and boost book sales.

We crafted a website for Dr. Penn, tailored to his mature target audience, infusing playfulness while prioritizing accessibility. showcases Dr. Penn's existing books and promotes his upcoming projects. The site places a strong emphasis on collecting emails to strengthen his newsletter, and the results are already evident. With direct links to Lee's published works and a straightforward blog section, we've successfully fostered customer trust. In the initial months, the website has garnered consistent traffic, and we've successfully captured nearly 50 emails.

Main Goals: Grant viewers convenient access to both the Made By God short film and its trailer.

By collaborating with Wyatt, we developed a performant website seamlessly aligned with the visual style of the 'Made By God' short film. The platform enables users to watch the film trailer, view the short film, access credits, and read the synopsis. Positioned prominently on the first page of Google search results for selected keywords, the website is consistently attracting viewership.

Main Goals: House VO and actor demos, showcase service offerings, and provide a user-friendly contact form

Jenna's revamped website now prominently features both audio and video demos. Each of her services has its own dedicated page, providing a detailed description along with relevant demos. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we incorporated colors and branding that seamlessly complement the professional photos Jenna had taken. Since transitioning from WIX, her website has experienced a notable 2x surge in traffic, accompanied by a steady influx of inquiries through the contact form.

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